Frequently Asked Questions
Does it matter if my program is outside or inside?  
If weather permits we can do programs outside as long as we have a shady area for the animals. For those programs inside, we will bring a drop cloth to lay over your flooring to protect it from animal droppings. 

Do I need to put my household pets away?   
Yes please. Our animals are comfortable with a wide variety of animals but your pet might not like having other animals in your house or yard. 

What if I have someone who is allergic to fur?   
We always have hand sanitizer with us but if you know of someone who should not be around fur then you might want to think about booking one of our reptile programs instead of a mixed animal one. 

Can the kids hold the animals for pictures?   
Occasionally we will allow pictures to be taken but it all depends on the number of people and how the animal is acting. For birthday parties we do allow the birthday child to have his or her picture taken with one of the animals, but there are specific animals we do this with. 

Which animals can we touch?   
There are only a few animals you won't be able to touch. Most of our animals enjoy the interaction and are use to it. We will always watch how the animal is doing to determine how much interaction there will be. 

How long is each program? 
Can I make my program longer/shorter?  
There are two main program times; a half hour program and an hour. We are able to do speciality programs so please just let us know what you are looking for when you contact us.

How many people will you do a program for?  
We will do programs for one to one thousand! However, because of the interactive nature of our programs, the more people we have in a program the less animal interaction there can be although there will always be some. 

Do you accept donations?  
Yes! We are run on the kindness and generosity of others. Donations in the form of money or items are always appreciated. We do have a donations list that we would be glad to give you if you are looking for specific donation ideas. You can also check out our wish list on Amazon. 

Will you release animals back into the wild?  
Animals that come to us are usually animals that have been deemed as 'non-releasable' and therefore can't be returned back to the wild. We do work closely with a rehabilitation center for those animals that can be released. 

Are you open to the public and what are your hours?  
We currently are open only by appointments. Please contact us to schedule a time for your group to come down. 

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