Eagle Scout Projects
Since projects are always changing please contact us for up-to-date information.

Projects are available on a first come first serve basis.  If two scouts want to do the same project, the first to have his paperwork signed will have the project reserved for him. 

We accept projects all year, but some are better suited for Spring or Summer.

All projects will need some kind of fundraising on your part. 

You can choose a project that is done at our facility in Utah County or one that you do at home and then bring down to us when it is completed, or even a combination of both.


Possible projects done at our facility:

-cement walkways 
-aviary haybarn
-clean out willows
-bus parking
-thistle removal
-tortoise yard cleanup and replanting
-increase facility by adding to chainlink fence
-add jungle gym to enclosure
-build small mammal enclosure 

Possible projects you can do at home:

-information sign and donation box
-bird nest/den boxes
-donation drive and purchase travel kennels 
-large reptile enclosure (purchase and design)
-chalk board animal silhouettes

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